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VenPro Partners develops your in-house Vendor Finance Program that support your direct sales channel, distributors and independent sales reps. The Vendor Service Group is designed to increase margins, create a profit center and mitigate credit risk exposure to both customers and sales channels while empowering them to sell more at higher margins and commissions with better customer loyalty without recourse or costs to sale

































Customer Solution:

  • Meets operating budget requirements eliminating capital budget restraints, for equipment, service maintenance and/or license agreements, getting you into their facility immediately.

  • Enables management with authorized operating budgets to utilize their ability to commit to payments and terms for what they want

Customer Benefits:

  • Eliminates large upfront out of pocket costs to $0

  • Bundling equipment/hardware/disposables/reagents and software upgrades and training costs avoids Capital Budget radar

  • Scale sale to decision makers authorization, matching initial requirements or restrictions

  • Fixing future costs benefits projected operating budget

Vendor Benefits:

  • Paid upfront, increase margins and sale amount by including services in payment

  • Amortize upfront implementation costs over term with customer out of pocket of ZERO!

  • Retain ownership of the equipment with ability to renew, replace or take over monthly billing

  • Increase margin and sale, no line item costs, customer can’t shop, compare or negotiate 


While building your brand in the market we help develop growth in the following


  • Vendor:

    • Develop documents and agreement programs that allow for pre funding from debt sources without recourse or costs

    • Utilize customer credit for underwriting and advances on contracts to eliminate burden on your own balance sheet

    • Create recurring revenues and multiple profit centers on same asset through agreement renewals

    • Build profit centers in finance programs to increase margins

  • Sales:

    • Provide in field sales tools to quote and close opportunities

    • Develop payment programs to appeal to customer’s OPEX budget requirements while bundling services and support and eliminating line item costs to mitigate negotiations or margin compression

    • Increase commissions and margins through small monthly payment increments yet still get paid upfront


As a partner in creating your Vendor Services Group our value is in developing an additional revenue channel through increased margins from your product sales with a finance tool, which will allow better control of the sale and higher customer service, enabling them to move forward based on a monthly payment


In the spirit of a working relationship our goal is to develop your Vendor Services Group allowing you to benefit from customer financing along with lenders and bank partners. Our focus is to efficiently create and implement a program that can be immediately offered to customers and allow you to grow internally without additional cost to sales and have the luxury of realizing increased margins without the headcount while gaining access to working capital without costs, balance sheet encumbrance, liability or recourse