Missed milestones typically equate to missed key human capital acquisitions. We can help assess to keep you on track as your HCP via This individual or strategic partner is an important liaison to their portfolio companies' HR teams. Perhaps it is the surge in number of startups rushing to meet the demand for new human capital and insights that is changing perceptions within VC and PE firms. HCPs have an opportunity to get more involved in ensuring their portfolio companies are setting the right corporate culture from the start. They can do this by asking the right questions that hit on a number of important topics. Smart VC and PE firms know they need a bit of makeover when it comes to helping their portfolio companies with HR issues.

The days of focusing almost exclusively on managing equity dilution are over, and the HR game is much more complex and visible now. Portfolio companies crave expert advice and genuine partnership. VC and PE firms that invest in people who can deliver on these issues across their portfolios will become better, more attractive partners.