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Debt Strategy Insight | Efficient Market Access

Supporting emerging growth companies innovation in becoming dominant in their categories, or creating entirely new ones


Provide stable debt stack structures to avoid equity dilution while supporting capacity requirements to meet growth goals for immediate, intermediate and long term demands through revolvers, term loans and master lease lines of credit for equipment and infrastructure needs.

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Custom branded license and rental programs to meet customer OpEx budget needs enabling you to monetize contracts without recourse, shorten sales cycles, increase margins and gain access to working capital without dilution, costs or liability, allowing you to scale without balance sheet encumbrance or cash flow limitations

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There's no insurance for not being insured. Emerging venture-backed companies require unique insurance coverages during each stage of their development.

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Investment firms seek the help of human capital partners, or individuals who can help their portfolio companies with all matters HR-related, we’re seeing a growing number of investment firms in the United States — and globally — establishing strategic relationships with human capital partners (HCP)

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Your Goals, Our Resources, Success Together

Leveraging decades of expertise and relations in the debt markets provides a valuable resource in supporting your success by developing debt stack strategies to meet growth goals through equipping you with current market insight and access in providing capacity to limit dilution, drive up or compliment current valuation for the next round or to avoid additional equity dilution entirely.

Our clients are typically managing two full time jobs from business execution to equity raises with no desire for a third in sourcing debt and greatly value our ability to take on the time consuming cycles of identifying, negotiating and presenting the best structures and terms available in the debt markets today. In short we "take you where you're not and get you better than what you got"! Although most view debt as a commodity it's important to align with valuable partners who are a good fit culturally, patient and bring the ability to scale with additional capacity for growth.

Integrity First

Integrity Aligned, Character, Efforts and Focus

Gibrahn Verdult


Industry veteran with over 25 years experience in venture and commercial debt markets supporting growing companies globally

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Valerie Verdult

Director, Credit Operations and Human Capital Partner

Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the Medical, Healthcare, Technology, Human Capital, Insurance and Travel industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Coaching, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Recruiting

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Sienna Verdult

Director, Verdult Insurance

Adviser and Consultant for all insurance needs. Providing bespoke guidance for business and commercial insurance with the mindset of aligning goals, and needs for successful fast growing companies

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Community Relations


Chief Swashbuckler


Public Relations

Serving Others First

JH Outback California

JH Outback California has been helping families grow together by hosting local Weekend Adventures. Your Weekend Adventure is a shared experience – a parent with their son or daughter, or you and your spouse. And at JH Outback University, you are on teams with other college students.

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San Diego Social Ventures Partners

Partner with nonprofits in San Diego to build their capacity, helping nonprofits strengthen their organizations increases their ability to serve the community

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Debt Strategy Insight, Efficient Market Access

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